Playa Thoughts, Part One

Cristin Cash


I don’t think of myself as an artist. Never have.

I don’t “make” anything.

I don’t want to stare at a blank canvas. I’m not compelled by a pile of wood.

Creating something from nothing, who enjoys that?

But I have nothing to say.


A blank wall? An empty room? Welllll, that’s another thing.

Infinite potential. Limited capacity.

Stories to tell. Things to see!


Just one more…I can fit one more. Nope. No I can’t. Maybe a little one?

That blue just isn’t working. Lose it.

That lime green is too caustic, try it next to something else. Oh, better. Now move that one. I can’t stop looking at that one. It’s a star.

Adjust the lights.

Yes. Yes. I can see it now.

Show me. I want to see.


We look, we shape, we assess, we decide what is worth looking at. What is worth seeing? What is worth our consideration – in a world full of things to see, things to consider.  Show me. I want to see.

What do you think? Is it what you want me to see? Is it what you want to see?

Color? Sure. YES. YES. In this case, absolutely yes.


What is the line between creation and curation ?

We see patterns, we make connections, we tell stories through things, framed and presented just so. For your consideration. Make sense of it as you can, it is only what is there to see.

The world is infinite, beautiful, treacherous, full of limited potential and boundless restrictions. We frame reality, present a vision that elevates and keeps us grounded.

Color. Light. Line. Texture. Depth. It’s all there. It changes every day.

Show me. I want to see.