Mashup - A Curator's Text Feed

Cristin Cash (+ her smartphone)

Preparator: Shit. Call me when you can
Curator: Can u talk?
Preparator: Sorry, I can’t talk right now
Curator: No worries…we’ll figure it out 😀
Preparator: Hey, call me when you have a chance
Preparator: Or, just meet me at Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ll buy you cheese curds.

Artist 1: ...Anything I can do to help?
Curator:  Nope. Just keep creating 😀

Artist 3:  Do you think that is doable?
Curator: Sounds good! Give me an update when you have a budget
Artist 1: Thanks for the credit card info, I’ll order tomorrow
Curator 2: Note to self: never, ever, ever commit to a due date that coincides with the beginning of the semester!
Artist 3: Hey, so which email do you prefer again?
Preparator: Next thing is to install water-monitors on floor
Curator: That’s a thing? How much $?
Preparator: Amazon it…If you get fancy – it emails or texts you!
Curator: Will do. Do I need to pick up the Beast today?
Preparator: Nope. Something went wrong there…strange
Curator: My whole life is strange. I’ll give them a call
Preparator: lol
Curator: Paint color email coming at you in a second…
Curator: and no attachment…sorry! That kind of day already. oy
Artist 2: Maybe it would be better to try a totally different design actually?
Curator: I really need to get a couple of images for the poster
Artist 3: Well, shit, blew past that deadline yesterday for PR images... will get on it...
Artist 1: Goodness! We too...sorry! What sizes and how many per person? Grrrr, insane times
Preparator: We could replace the entire gallery with LED, including angle lenses for under $2000
Curator: Sounds good, who pays?
Preparator: HAHAHA…the LED TV OFFSETS the energy costs for the projectors
Artist 2: Hi all, it is unfortunately confirmed now that I will be in Finland for a work conference
Curator 2: so…more poetic, less descriptive?
Artist 3: Sorry I'm so addled, what did we settle on for meeting time/place?
Curator:  😱😬😐😵
Curator: Need cheese curds
Preparator: Awwww, So do I…but no time

Artist 1: I have a 20 min video ready for your 👀😅
Curator:  😀😀😀😀😀😀😎
Artist 1: The grids are alive!
Curator:  😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Artist 1: Drip drip drip pan is a beauty
Artist 2: Great!!!
Curator: Lovely and fast delivery! Wheeeeeeeeeee 😎
Artist 2: Shipped: Your Amazon package with Empty IV Container/Bag, 1000ml, 60 DPM Needless IV Admin Set will be delivered Wed, Oct 12. Track at…
Curator: Wooohoo!
Artist 3: Can you take a look at my final edit?
Curator: Hell yeah! Dropbox that shit
Preparator: We can go over the materials list on Monday. All orders are placed.
Curator: Picking up paint on way in
Curator 2: Group post is up! Feel free to repost, push it out there, and what all.
Artist 1: 👏🍷🌟🐠
Artist 3: Yeah man! Go AKA!